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S.A. - Mastery Braided Core Euro Tactical Nymph

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Mastery Euro Tactical Nymph Braided Core

For European-Style Nymphing

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Built to meet the needs of demanding anglers the Mastery Euro Tactical Nymph lines feature a braided core that minimizes memory and line sag, producing a more sensitive connection to your flies. Available in a level line which is the most efficient for tightline nymphing while remaining FIPS compliant and a double taper version with slightly more mass to allow dry flies to be cast when needed.

  • Formulated with Advanced Shooting Techonology
  • Double taper version maintains .022” tip, but tapers to a slightly larger belly so that it can be overhead cast when needed
  • Level .022” diameter, coated fly line for sag free, tight line presentations

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