Fly Tying Accessories

Loon - Complete Fly Tying Tool Kit
Not yet rated
All the tools you ever wanted. Comes in its own case with pre molded foam specifically designed to fit each tool.
Loon - Ergo Comb
Not yet rated
The solution to stubborn fibers
Loon - Ergo Underfur Comb
Not yet rated
For getting materials just right and ready to use
Loon - Vise Pawn
Not yet rated
For keeping materials out of the way until you need them
Loon - Core Fly Tying Tool Kit
Not yet rated
The tool kit around which benches are built.
Renzetti - Traveler Midge Cam Jaw Assembly
Not yet rated
Direct replacements for Renzetti vises.

*Includes jaws only, no vise or bent shaft included. Fits Renzetti Traveler vises (not saltwater models)

Made in the USA
Loon Mixing Cup
Not yet rated
The Mixing Cup is the perfect vessel for modifying head cements and UV Clear Fly Finish, and all but eliminates clean-up.
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